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Shoreline Erosion Control and Revegetation



Human activities can lead to increased erosion of lake and river shorelines making access to the water more difficult, detracting from the beauty of the area, and causing environmental problems both locally and further downstream.  


If you would like to improve and revegetate your shoreline but need some advice as to the best way to proceed with this, contact us to find out more about our ‘Shoreline Erosion Control and Revegetation’ service.


Our team of experts can help you identify the root causes of erosion and environmental degradation and suggest practical and low cost solutions.  We can help you select the most appropriate pants and shrubs to revegetate your shoreline, to help maximise both the aesthetic enhancement impact and the environmental benefit.  We are also able to provide consultation on small scale engineering infrastructure if required, including the design of environmentally friendly surface runoff control.