Regroupement pour la protection de l'eau de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau



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The « Regroupement pour la protection de l'eau de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau » was founded following a Seauvegarde/aBV7 conference held in Maniwaki in May 2012. It’s first annual general meeting happened in the municipality of Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau Mai 7 2016.




The purpose of the ‘’Regroupement’’ is to protect and enhance the water bodies, rivers and groundwater of the Gatineau Valley MRC, and to contribute to the economic prosperity and the quality of life of all of its citizens. The continuation of the ‘’Regroupement’’ mission is based on the consultation of environmental stakeholders, engagement of all citizens and improving the knowledge of science and water technology.

The ‘’Regroupement’’ is defined as:

  • Protector at the forefront
  • Leader and unifier
  • Agent of change
  • Distributor of knowledge
  • Credible and recognized partner

Water is a fundamental resource whose quality has become a major challenge for human life, fauna and flora. Blue gold, long considered inexhaustible, is not only matter of public health, environmental balance, quality of life, but also for economic development. Pressure in different ways on the water has increased dramatically in recent decades. Despite the efforts made by our various levels of government, the record remains a concern. Without being alarmist, the Coalition strongly believes that significant efforts must be devoted to the protection of water and there is no one who can believe that it is not part of the problem and solutions. That is why we work in partnership with all individuals and organizations seeking to improve the water balance in the MRC.

  • Support local associations
  • Ensure the coordination of different groups and organizations for the protection of water
  • Educate residents and users
  • Collect and disseminate information
  • Promote revegetation of the shores
  • To monitor connected to the protection of lakes and rivers records and intervene
  • Engaging citizens in the protection of water





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