Water Master Plan (WMP)



The purpose of the Water Master Plan is to coordinate the actions of stakeholders in water governance in order to plan for the

next five years. This plan will include, among other things, a socio-economic and environmental portrait of the watershed, the

identification of the key issues and concerns of the population, the negotiation of watershed contracts with the various players

involved, as well as the monitoring of contract progress and the state of the environment.



The major elements of Water Master Plan are:

  1. To prepare a portrait of the watershed
  2. To work out a Diagnosis and Issues
  3. To work out an action plan
  4. To negotiate watershed contracts
  5. To implement the action plan
  6. To ensure a follow-up and evaluation of the actions taken




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Plan directeur de l'eau de l'ABV des 7

Bassins versants des rivières Blanche Ouest, Coulonge, Dumoine, Gatineau, Noire, Quyon et des Outaouais (résiduel)

Mars 2014

in French only


Portrait du bassin versant de la rivière Gatineau

Janvier 2007


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Bassin versant de la rivière Gatineau, Diagnostic et enjeux

October 2007



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Gatineau River watershed Water Master Plan 

April 2010



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