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  • Formation of an extended board of directors for the provisional ABV des 7;
  • Obtained letters patent on January 7, 2004;
  • Organization and holding of two public information evenings in Maniwaki and Chelsea, March 30 and April 6, 2004 respectively;
  • Production of a descriptive document on the Gatineau River watershed;
  • Membership in ROBVQ as a member in progress;
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting of ROBVQ as an observer;
  • Preparation of a first draft of general by-laws;
  • Organization of the founding meeting on September 25, 2004 in Gracefield;
  • Preparation of a preliminary communications plan;
  • Preparation of a questionnaire addressed to municipalities situated in the river’s watershed;
  • Preparation of a questionnaire aimed at identifying the key issues and concerns regarding the watershed;
  • Obtained financing from the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP);
  • Receipt of the first data concerning the watercourse through LATINO and the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune.


  • Started the necessary steps for the elaboration of the Portrait of the Gatineau River Watershed.
  • Developed, design and put in service the WEB site www.ABV des 7.org in the two official languages.
  • Produced a calendar of the important dates relating to the environment and water;
  • Deposited the Report on the integrated management of the Saint Lawrence to the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune.
  • Presented a report on public consultations made by the Environment Ministry on the Quebec Sustainable Development Plan.


Changes on the Committee: the President and some members were replaced on the Executive and Administration Committees

Mr. Giorgio Vecco has taken over as Coordinator

The MDDEP subsidy of 65 000$ was maintained

A grant of 2 000$ was received from Hydro-Québec for the publication of the Portrait - a detailed description of the scope and nature of the Gatineau River Watershed

Participated in the training session at Mont-Laurier in order to define the process of creating a Water Master Plan (WMP) to the Gatineau River Watershed

Concluded, edited, distributed, presented and promoted the Portrait (January 2007)

Developed the theoretical study of the diagnostic, that is the examination of the important issues and concerns regarding the natural conditions and the current management regime across the Gatineau River watershed.

Subsequently held public consultations (April and May 2007) in order to obtain input and confirmation of issues and priorities. This was done in conjunction with a questionnaire provided at the meetings and over the ABV des 7 WEB site.

Elaborated and distributed a questionnaire on major concerns regarding water issues inside the watershed (April 2007)

Updated the website

Continued to support the telemonitoring project (logistic and partner research in ref with the Gatineau River Watershed)

Increased external communication to give the ABV des 7 more visibility in the media and with other organizations (ex. other Watershed organizations)


Water Master Plan:

Organized consultations at Maniwaki, Chelsea, Low and Gracefield

Drafted, edited, distributed, presented and promoted « Diagnostic report on major issues and concerns of the Gatineau River Watershed»

Drafted an outline of «action plans» and «watershed contracts» - to be negociated with major resource users

Drafter a water management project in order to implement the plan of action in the watershed as an illustrative example

Added « Diagnostic et enjeux du BV de la rivière Gatineau » to the ABV des 7 website

Project Cyanobacteria:

Implemented an awareness campaign targeted within the Gatineau River Watershed (media, leaflets, interviews)

Organized information sessions

Distributed, through local organizations, 6,000 trees for reforestation within the watershed

Made the characterization for lakes Edja, Pope and Gatineau to better understand the reasons for cyanobacteria blooms in oligotrophic (low nutrition) and mesotrophic (medium nutrition) lakes

Launched an online petition to eliminate phosphates in dishwashing soaps, targeted at cottagers and legislators – the result was a great success

Projects Contribution:

Supported the creation of a nursery to produce plants suitable for restoring riparian strips as promoted by the CLD of MRC des Collines

Participated in the « Sommet des lacs de la MRC de la Vallée and in the follow up committees and meetings

Supported a study at Lac Pémichangan, undertaken by Maria José Maezo, concerning the interaction between two invasive species : « L’impact des écrevisses à taches rouges sur la myriophylle à épis

In collaboration with CREDDO and COBALI, participated in a regionial forum on Blue-Green Algae : « Forum sur la santé des lacs de l’Outaouais »

At the invitation of the International Secretariat for Water, provided mentoring to students from the Collège Nouvelles Frontières on a trip to the watershed of the River Amazone, in Brazil

Democratic Life:

New members were appointed to the Administration Committee

Two elections were held for presidency

Some members of the Executive Committee were replaced

All positions on the Administration and Watershed Committees were filled

Five Watershed and Administration Committees, one Advisory Committee and six Executive Committees were held

Financial Management:

Increase in funding from MDDEP and other sources – total annual budget of $100,434

An amount of $50,000 from ABV des 7 cash reserves carried over from previous years was affected to projects

Obtained a sponsorship from Hydro-Quebec; a donation from MRC Antoine-Labelle; and wage subsidies from the Ministry of Human Resources Development Canada for students

More than $100,000 in funding of which 10% comes from sources other than MDDEP

Financial accounts audited


ABV des 7 obtained visibility with various organizations within and outside the Gatineau River Watershed, from local to international levels

Use of the media (newspapers, radio/television)

Facilitated research for University students concerning watershed issues

Updated the website


Water Master Plan (WMP):

Continued elaboration of the WMP (action plan and watershed contracts)

Finalized the writing of the diagnostic and issues report for the Gatineau River Watershed

Drafted theorical plans for the watershed contracts

Interaction between the Project IDeaux and the WMP for consideration of incorporation in the final development plan

Project Cyanobacteria:

Forum in Mont Ste-Marie on health of lakes in the Ottawa area

Funding allocation to lakes that reported cyanobacteria blooms in 2007

Established an awareness campaign for lake-shore property owners

Implemented nine training workshops on restoring the riparian strip

Projet IDeaux:

Applied for grants to finance the project

Assessed the various factors that will affect the project

Signed the convention with the French Ministry of Environment

Participated on a study tour in France and met with French researchers

Contribution to projects:

In collaboration with LATINO, gave accessibility to the ABV des 7 map data

In partnership with the International Secretariat for Water, trained a group of students for a visit to the Amazon River

In partnership with Pollution Probe, created a database accessible on internet

Monthly water tests made by Giorgio Vecco at Alonzo Wright Bridge

Participated in the Summit to preserve the lakes and rivers of the Gatineau Valley; the General Annual Meeting of the ROBVQ; the Strategic Development of MRC des Collines; and in the National Forum of the Laurentide Lakes

Obtained a seat on the water management organization for MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, and with la Commission protection de l’environnement, aménagement du territoire, transport de la CRÉO